While you are visiting our property, we hope that you enjoy your stay. In order for you to be a part of the community during your visit, we ask that you follow these rules and regulations.


Charcoal Grills are strictly prohibited on Midlake Property


Please do not hang wet towels and clothing over your balcony.


Be sure to have your green and gold pool wristbands with you when you visit the outdoor pool and spa complex. (You will need one for each guest) You will be required to present your wristband to the pool attendant upon arrival at the complex.


Please display your temporary parking pass on the dashboard of your vehicle while on Midlake Property. This will enable the Community Safety Officers to identify those vehicles that are registered guests. You are allowed two vehicles.


Pets are strictly prohibited to tenants of Midlake.


Bicycles are to be kept on the bicycle racks located in the parking lot.


Common area hallways are to be kept clear at all times of personal property.


Trailers, Campers, Boats and other large recreational vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking area on the right as you enter Big Boulder Road.


Damage to the unit must be reported by you to the rental agency, the unit owner (if a private rental) or the management office immediately.


Loud noises after 10:00 PM will not be tolerated.


Trash should be neatly placed in the receptacles in the parking lot. Please do not place trash on the ground. Should the receptacle outside your unit be full, please find one that is not.


Firewood (October ~ April) is for your use. Safety is of utmost importance. Please allow ash to cool completely prior to cleaning out the fireplace. Firewood may not be stored in the unit or on balcony decks.


The tenancy limits for each unit are as follows: First and Second floor units are allowed six guests, and the Third floor units are allowed eight guests.


If you arrive late in the evening, please keep noise level to a minimum.


We utilize pool attendants at the pool, not lifeguards. Please review the pool and spa rules and regulations upon entering the pool/spa complex. Children 12 and under must be attended at all times.


Lastly, please exhibit common sense at all time, have respect for your neighbors and have a good stay!


Important Contact Information:


Big Boulder Safety Officer 570.760.4798 Big Boulder Safety Coordinator 570.906.4884